Saturday, October 12, 2013

My Very First Commission From SOLAVEI

There's Nothing Like The First Commission

It has been a wonderful experience since I left Verizon Wireless as a customer and switched to Solavei.
My expenses went from well over $150 per month for 2 phones to just $100. What is most impressive is that I was able to cut my bill in half and increase my data by 2 gigabytes per phone.

I decided to take the referral position serious and share my experience with family and friends. 
Today Oct 12th, I received my first commission payment of $20. Yes my wireless provider pays me $20 per month for each 3 new customers who activate service on my free referral website. 

Solavei goes above and beyond the traditional way of referral payments. You see, most companies will only pay you once for a referral. Or they will give you some kind of discount on your bill or maybe even a in store credit. But Solavei will continue to pay me $20 every month if the 3 people I referred remains a customer. That is awesome. 

Now that I can prove that this money is real, Its time to turn things up a notch. You see most people will not get excited about $20. But what you must realize is that your wireless provider does not and probably will not ever do anything like this. They already spend millions on traditional methods of advertising. ie Radio, TV and Internet Ads. 

Solavei spends $0.00 on advertisements because they spend that money on us, the referral agents. So not only will I continue to receive $20 per month for the same 3 customers, I will also receive $10 per month for every 3 customers that they each refer to their own referral sites. 

There is no limit to the $20 and $10 monthly commission that I am allowed to make. Solavei also will pay me bonus income that maxes out at $20k per month on my referral card account. What's amazing is that I am allowed to have up to 6 referral accounts under my name. Referral accounts are like lines of service. Think of it like family plans from your current provider. If you are allowed to have 6 lines of service and everyone receives a referral website and a visa debit card to receive commissions on. 

Please realize that Solavei is the ONLY Wireless Provider that does this and is the only Wireless Provider that will allow you to have 100% FREE T Mobile service once you have referred 9 new customers.
That is why you need to immediately ditch your carrier and join Solavei.

Solavei uses the T Mobile Nationwide 4G network and gives each customer the following:

  1. Unlimited Talk
  2. Unlimited Text
  3. Unlimited Data
  4. Up to 4 gigabytes of High Speed 4G Data per billing cycle
  5. Free Referral Website
  6. Free Referral Visa Debit Card
  7. Cash back when you shop with the Referral Visa Debit Card at over 400 major retailers.
  8. Commission when your referrals receive cash back on their Visa Debit Referral Card
  9. Free Training and Support
All for $49 per month or less.

TEAM VISION 654 is the Team I am on, and I would love for you to Join Us. 
We have wonderful leadership and weekly training for our team members.

We each get a free pre recorded info line that can be given to any prospect. This 2 minute recording will do all of the explaining for you so you don't have to. You will also get your own extension, so if the prospect has any questions or is interested, they can dial your extension and be forwarded right to your phone. 

CALL 559-670-1138 to hear the message
and dial EXT 63 to speak to me or leave a message on my voicemail.

We also have aligned ourselves with a company that allows people to Lease To Own T Mobile Smartphones, so they can use the Solavei service on the of line phones as well as get insurance to protect the device. 

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