Saturday, November 9, 2013

I Use This Whenever I Want to Make Lightning Fast Instant Money

Wow a Smartphone app that pays users instantly to Paypal!

Unless you can name another app that can do this just because I downloaded it then this will remain the BEST APP IN THE WORLD.


and it shows you near by stores and places that have cash off deals. Its a pretty cool app but Im loving the instant money.

One dollar per download referral? Wow I remember when I sold phones for Verizon and I would help put apps on customers phones that were helpful and fun. I wish this was around then because I already have paypal because I love making money online.

Read Instructions Below So you Can Properly Get Paid For Referrals

It's easy to earn referral bonuses by inviting friends to join Ibotta.  From the main menu, go to the "Invite Friends" page inside the app. You can invite your friends via Facebook, Twitter, your phone contact list or by copying and pasting your unique referral link at the bottom of the screen into an email, blog, or web posting. The more places you post, the more earning potential you have!  
To earn the credit, your friend must sign up using your link, download the app, and log into Ibotta.  You will receive notification when you've earned the referral bonus.



Ibotta will not allow you to misuse your referral link by including false or misleading information regarding the Ibotta referral program. For instance, you may not intentionally mislead other individuals by telling them about non-existent incentives or bonuses that they will receive by joining Ibotta.  Doing so is a form of fraud.  Ibotta takes this misconduct seriously and anyone found to engage in this behavior will have their account frozen or deactivated, referral bonuses rescinded, and may become the subject of federal or state investigation for fraud and fraudulent inducement. 

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