Friday, November 22, 2013

Solavei Introduces 4 NEW Unlimited Plans Just in time for the Holidays

Solavei Introduces 4 NEW Unlimited Plans 

Following the Awesome December promotion for FREE service during DECEMBER for new customers who enrolled by Nov 21st, Solavie introduces 4 NEW Unlimited Plans. If you are not interested in using data on your phone, then you can pick this plan : Unlimited Talk and Text for a low price of only $29 per month plus tax.  If you would like to use a little bit of data for the month, or you have a flip phone that has some internet features, you can select the $39 plan that gives you Unlimited Talk, Unlimited Text and 500mb of High Speed Data.  The industry standard of Data usage is around 2GB of Data per month, and for those users, Solavei this plan for you, Unlimited Talk, Unlimited Text and Unlimited Data with 2GB of High Speed Data. If you use a lot of data on your phone in a thirty day period, you can select the top plan which is Unlimited Talk, Unlimited Text, Unlimited Data with 4GB of High Speed Data for $69 per month plus tax. 

Previous users all had the same plan, Unlimited Talk, Unlimited Text, Unlimited Data with 4GB of High Speed Data for $49 per month plus tax.  After reviewing the data usage of the 300,000 Solavei customers, Solavei discovered that the majority of them only used between 1 and 2 GB of high speed data. This knowledge allowed them to make more options available for those that didn't use data at all and also adjust the offering for the users who didn't use a whole lot of data.

Some users may feel that by forcing the previous 4GB customers who only paid $49 to the new plan with half of the High Speed Data at 2GB is unjust and unfair and maybe they should have Grandfathered them in at 4GB instead of making them pay an additional $20 just to keep 4GB of High Speed Data.

I believe the Solavei offering is still the strongest option available in the entire industry when you consider EVERYTHING each Soalvei customer receives.

Unlimited Talk, Unlimited Text, Unlimited Data, Free Website for sharing promotions, FREE Visa debit card for receiving commissions, and cash back shopping at over 400 Major Retailers online and offline. 

The ability to have your cellphone service provider pay you Monthly Residual Commission for the new customers you refer thru your free website is and will always be the Strongest component of the Solavei offer.

No other company does it this way and No other company pays this much money to the customers without the customers paying some kind of business fee. Solavei does not charge customers who want to take part in the referral program.

When you enroll for service, you also are creating your Solavei Social Profile. You have your own username, you create your own password and you order your free visa debit card which Solavei pays your commission on as well as puts your cash back earnings on when you shop. 

As of this writing I currently have 6 personal referred customers to Solavei who have all enrolled thru my free solavei website  Because there are a total of 6 personal referred customers, Solavei is now paying me $40 per month. If I opt to have my commissions applied to my monthly phone bill, I will only have to pay $9 plus tax out of pocket,  for Unlimited Talk, Unlimited Text and Unlimited Data with 4GB of high speed data.  

I did receive an email about the switch that notified me about my plan being switched to the new 2GB plan as of DEC 1.  But instead of complaining about the data decrease, I am so glad they did not decrease or change the commissions for my current or future referrals.  So the easiest way to fix my plan on my own is to refer more customers so my increase in commissions will cover all of Solavei's plans. 

My next goal is to have referred a minimum of 54 new lines of service. Solavei pays $1230 per month to ANY customer who has referred 54 new lines of service, and that can take care of most of my rent payment which is awesome. 

As with everything, you cannot please every single person, its just impossible, Some will probably leave due to the change and most will probably stay because they realize the potential to retire by simply referring new customers to Solavei is real.  Solavei is currently only available in the USA and Puerto Rico. With over 300,000 current customers and over 18 Million in commissions already paid out to customers in the first year. One must realize that this is just the beginning. 

Based on those numbers, can you imaging what the next 4 - 5 years will bring, once Solavei is available in a few countries? 

I can....

I suggest you switch to Solavei simply because Your Current provider cannot compete at all when it comes to rewarding you with CASH for your loyalty. Solavei uses the T Mobile Network to give you service, so you can check your area for service on my website, and also try out the service for a full 14 days to make sure it works the way you want it to before making a commitment. There is No contract, No Credit Check and no Activation fees whatsoever. Just your monthly payment plus tax. 

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